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About Big Brother Cycling Network

About Big Brother Cycling Network

Big Brother Cycling Network’s goal
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Big Brother Cycling Network’sgoal 

Our goal is to make commutation between bicycling organizations and cyclist in the western states easier using the internet.

 Our Western States Bicycle Ride Calendar and Western States Bicycle Club List are provided to all bicycling organizations in the eleven western states.  We hope these listings help cyclist find both rides and clubs.

BBCNet Web Site

Our web site http://www.bbcnet.com has a calendar of all the rides that we know about in California. We provide either a link to the rides web site or we will put the ride information and registration form on our site.

To use our site all you have to do is sent up a registration form and a text file of all the information in the form. We will convert your file into the HTML code and post it to our web site. We will also post any artwork for your T-shirts or jersey so that people can see what they are getting when they buy them.

You can put more information on the web site than you do in your ride brochure because you are not limited to a page size or color. You can post "places to stay", "ride profile" or "points of interest" making our web page more informative and interesting. You can also post a list of finisher’s after the ride.

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